Transformation of Played-Out Platitudes, No. 2

I don’t think that “private property” and “intellectual property” are real things. I think those are ideals.

I do think that in a given context, a person always will make a choice: to remain, to advance, or to retreat.


warning: Pandering and Puerile Post

Forgive me [er, whatever forgiveness is], O fellow Presser. I’m pandering the previous “season,” season 5 of American Horror Story. So, I’m an unbidden shill of sorts, but I don’t get the least compen$ated for it [solemn oath!]. Anyhoo, the actor who played the, uh, mama’s boy in season 4 ‘Freak Show,’ Finn Witrock, well, you too wanted to kick him in the teeth to teach him about being a brat, right? Well, that actor is redeemed in my book! See, belatedly, I’ve found out that he was brought back for season 5. You may have already known this if you’re a consistent fan. I am, it’s just that the way I’m presently situated precludes my being up-to-date on a lotta stuff, including tv that’s good (it still exists). All of this by way of saying that I had not understood that Finn Witrock could be a total, TOTAL GORGEASAURUS REX. Courtesy of “Hollywood,” yes, but still!! Seriously, if he wants to get to imitatin’ a serial killer clown once again [and all clowns are serial killers anyway], that’s just fine with me! cuz i’ll be the holdout vote on the jury.
And someday I may lay out for you the fact that all males as we age become dirty old men.
Take a look at Witrock all dressed up:

Eviscerated Assimilation

Though I was born in 1970 which is a number of years after our American courts began ordering “integration” of the “races” (a word that is a perpetual solecism as far as I’m concerned), I’m made to believe that integration would have happened over time anyway, and with far fewer murderous consequences than our enforced integration has wrought.

I believe this earnestly. To put that into a frame of reference, let me tell you that lately I’ve concluded that “gay marriage” (in other words, marriages amongst my kind) are merely imitations of heterosexually-borne social contrivances, and that being such those gay marriages do not represent progress after all.