Eviscerated Assimilation

Though I was born in 1970 which is a number of years after our American courts began ordering “integration” of the “races” (a word that is a perpetual solecism as far as I’m concerned), I’m made to believe that integration would have happened over time anyway, and with far fewer murderous consequences than our enforced integration has wrought.

I believe this earnestly. To put that into a frame of reference, let me tell you that lately I’ve concluded that “gay marriage” (in other words, marriages amongst my kind) are merely imitations of heterosexually-borne social contrivances, and that being such those gay marriages do not represent progress after all.


3 thoughts on “Eviscerated Assimilation

  1. I don’t give a damn about peoples sexual orientation ( I once shared a flat with a homosexual bloke when living in Melbourne after the breakdown of my first marriage, he was in the ‘rag trade’ and he used to introduce me to some delightful young ladies to help take my mind off the breakup ). that’s entirely their business;
    but I do object to the stealing of the word ‘Gay’ I can no longer say I feel happy and gay, I see nothing wrong with the word homosexual anymore than I do heterosexual, they’re just proper words used properly but one word that means something entirely different has neen stolen from me and I do object to that!


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