Misbegotten Liability

For too many years now I have been noticing a tendency on the part of my compatriots to cast blame upon others when having to endure the trivial discomforts of a cold or a flu or a sore throat. Perhaps the following generalities will seem familiar to you:

“You [I’m sure of it] gave me this cold!”

“You [I’m sure of it] gave me the flu, and now I [necessarily] have to call in sick!”

“You don’t wash your hands [with the frequency that I deem sufficient], and that’s [necessarily] why I’m sick!”

“You didn’t cover your cough [in the manner I deem compulsory], and now I’m going to get a sore throat [I’m sure of it, and it’s your fault]!”

I think any person can take 100% responsibility for his own body, and for what his own body inwardly establishes lest he endure…life. I really, really do.

“Her body, her choice!”




You too should have seen the “old man” that I spotted and then regarded for a bit as he was boarding the bus of which I was already a passenger, this morning. SUPER TROOPER, I’m telling you!
I’d say he’s about 90 years old. He had a bit of a determined if perhaps slightly perplexed air about him as he pushed his walker and pulled himself UP onto the platform inside the bus.
I admire longevity, why shouldn’t I? I think that what I witnessed was consummation of a life (his) well-lived. I don’t even know his name yet I hope he keeps on truckin’!

Equivalency Exam

If I who happen to be among other exertions a homosexual writer am capable of sufficiently desensitizing myself away from the indignation I feel whenever and wherever I overhear the dismissive oaths “fag!” or “homo!” proceeded from the mouths of males (males, always) then it logically follows that heteros, breeders, cunts, twats, bitches, kikes, niggers, sand niggers, dune coons, gooks, spics and beaners too can all desensitize themselves away from the indignity they may respectively feel when subjected to “discrimination” or “racism” or “bigotry.”




There is a reason that the most powerful people (the so-called 1%) have in the aggregate exorbitant measures of wealth.

It’s simple. While those formerly known as “the masses” and nowadays willingly known as the 99% continuously intoxicate themselves to desertion with mythologically-borne fantasies of Right & Wrong, of Good & Bad, of Moral vs. Immoral and of Tractable vs. Unacceptable, the most powerful individuals —each is conscientiously focused on valuing himself, first and foremost.

After all, how many times need it be expressed to you “Look out for #1”?


Partial review of partially read novel “On Chesil Beach”

The book is one of Ian McEwan’s. Have you read his “…international best seller…” (considering the credence that is typically lent to that phrase, it really ought to be terminated with 2 exclamation points) Atonement? Yes? And liked it? Then this partial review is for you.

For some reason or reasons, the text begins on page 3. By this morning I have read up to page 135, page 135 being the last of a chapter. I’m not going to tease you, or, even more depressingly, drop spoilers on you. But I will say that if you read this book, you might go through what I was going through, which is waiting with a bit of exasperated impatience for a consummation of one sort or another to finally happen.

It does happen, neatly, on page 130. For me it happened very nicely, for what-he-wrote is not at of the nature that I’d been expecting. Oh, it’s a bit of a nasty surprise, for sure!, but it’s not a let down, not at all.

I can’t be bothered with measured ratings, but if I could, at this point, I’d fairly shout at you: “4.32 out of 5 stars…so far!!”


Sometimes in the earliest aughts, I think, my mother said to me: “People become conservative as they age.”
Mom didn’t specify whether people may also become neoconservative as we invariably age.
Now, bartering is a means of exchange that essentially vanished decades before I was born in 1970.
Well, bartering, this phenomena I never knew –bring it back! So money will finally stop burning a hole in my pocket. And doesn’t it burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, don’t you think?
Anyhow, I possess “things” of high value, by which to gain…things of high value. So I’m a bit biased for it.