Kurt Cobain’s fatal solution lives on.
See, the only way to be consistently authentic is consistently to speak truth as you discern truth.
The wages of fear is death.

Stop and Smell the So-says

Hello! This species is a bit popular for some of us, here in Santa Barbara. I imagine that elsewhere others perhaps you are taken with it too. I’d almost say it’s worthy of something akin to but not as strong as outright worship. Then again, having viewed many times the movie Avatar, I think that adoration of all life may be a reasonable and reasoning Thing. Sometimes. Bon appetit!


Well Situated

Hundreds of times, and at some point if it hasn’t already happen it would be thousands of times, I have strode past  Hotel Santa Barbara, which is smack-dab in the core of downtown. The German flag caught my eye this morning, so, you get a picture of that. Is it just me, or do you too think the Germans could make for themselves a prettier flag? And that doing so would be exceedingly easy? A wee bit yonder is an example for them, don’t you think?





Those who lack understanding of the fuller meaning of this authentic picture taken in 2005 will by default and in their collective state of ignorance sincerely believing that Trump or Clinton are the only viable options will select one of the aforementioned whom to elect.
On Saturday I think it was I posted my mail-in ballot. I selected yet another candidate. I do not believe in the existence of “wasted votes” or “wasted ballots” or “voting for Johnson is voting for Trump.” All of those syllogisms which I have encapsulated in quotes are not my own.