Two. From a naturally occurred still-life. The flowers would be a “weed” on somebody’s front lawn. They’re accompanied by wee figs!




It’s been expressed that “You have the right to exist.”

You don’t.

And you know who else doesn’t? This author.

Perhaps you’ll debate with the uncountable life forms that feed on necrosis.

Or!, would you rather consume a dead organism instead of talking? Maybe a burger or an apple.

About a thing that will continue to accelerate

You think Charles the Resentful Manson and His Gang of Inepts are bad?

You think Klebold and Harris are bad?

Of the “Millenial Generation” will spring a new and improved, unspeakable Evil.

You heard it from me first!

They’ll get theirs, by the way. Whatever the next “generation” calls music will be awful to their ears. And the Monster borne of their children’s “culture” will make them shake their collective heads as many of them say:

“Remember the good old days?” in the will-be-modern vernacular.

Equality Is a Pie In an Unattainable Sky

“Can we all get along?!”

No, we can not. Can you conceive the protocol to be followed were you to befriend every person in your municipality? State? Country? The world?

Racism always has and always will exist. It’s pathetic that no one bothers to employ the variety of synonyms that may be used to represent bias; bias being natural to all living things!