“Ethics Trump Morality”

A homosexual 46 year old European-American arrives at the portal through which he intends to pass. Straight away he holds the door ajar for a short procession composed of a 68 year old Spaniard-Aztecian fellow toting a cane; a 54 year old European-American woman grinning; a pretty 16 year old girl from Africa, nation unspecified.



“Inspiration from Presser M.B.D.”

This particular fractal posted in cyberspace by someone(s) who apparently goes by “Weed” caught my attention more than others being offered by The Google at the particular moment. The punchline is that I think this very image proves that taking psychedelics is never necessary. Personally I found LSD to be a crushing disappointment that most certainly did not induce me to see anything remotely resembling this intriguing thing.


Carol Brady is just rolling in her graveur!