Meh: I’ll give my photograph here a B+

For those not familiar with the marks by which pupils in America will be graded, a “b” “plus” is what a student would get were he to demonstrate the right answers to about 86% – 88% of the questions on a “final” exam.

I took this shot yesterday; seeing that I could have framed it more elegantly and also could have altered it more astutely with Photoshop, I am given to understand that it could have merited an A- or even an A. Ah, well: live and learn.



It isn’t factual that a person has to feel discomfort upon having a glimpse of injurious phenomena. It really isn’t. I made both of these photographs today; I do mean “made” rather than took. Culturally so-to-speak we have bugaboos about the taking of…things, don’t we.



What a Camera Will Rend

I’m not (too) afraid to ogle the sorts that in the “clinical” way can be and are all-together categorized as being forever under the spell of an “organic brain disorder.” The woman who is positioned approximately in the center of this photograph and is the subject of the same displayed for all to see those movements of the body and its appendages some of the range of motions that we are given to call “tics.” She performed quite a dance!

I was spellbound!! I just don’t perceive phenomena like that as inordinately bizarre nor censurable.