A Resolution of Sorts

I don’t think you are designed to know “reality.” In fact, I think that by design you are ever and always at least 3 steps removed from Reality:

3) your written language, upon

2) your spoken language, upon

1) you, upon

0) Reality.

I suppose it wasn’t necessary to foreshadow “Reality” with a zero. I suppose I could have used this symbol: ∞.



8 thoughts on “A Resolution of Sorts

  1. I’ve always thought of reality as just the sum of my perceptions, as opposed to anyone else’s. No two people see, hear, interpret the world in exactly the same way. (Remember the fable about the blind men describing an elephant?)

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      1. I would agree only in so far as the concept of a god was conceived in the minds of men. But humans (some, not all) imagining such a thing does not necessarily make it so.


      2. I also think that the worldwide collective of homo sapiens somehow confabulated the Universe. That, was meant to be tacit in my last remark to you. I think we’re the end-all, and also I don’t think that “life” exists beyond Earth.


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