A Real Life; A Dream


Sometimes graffiti does not offend me; sometimes it’s elegant. This is a wall between the 101 Northbound and Alisos Street on the “Lower East Side” of Santa Barbara. Do you see that the tagger tagged upon a paint-over of a previous tag? Defiance!


Photo taken this morning on the “East Side” of Santa Barbara. Do you see that the bloom atop is a different color from her (his?) withered sisters (brothers?)? What an extraordinary anomaly!

Actually, my mojo with doing that particular thing to photos has come back. Mojo with art waxes and wanes. Anyhow, thanks, Adobe Systems!


Same ole, same ole, but moderated a bit. Only 3 images this time.


Impertinent young man wearing of all things a pink royal Spanish tiara during the taking of a selfie on a bus of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District. He photobombed me, the sexy brat longing for the Dodger days his grandparents remember!


In Santa Barbara, very near a bus stop, a good bus stop I can connect to lines 2, 14 and 20 there, and they all end up at the hub “Transit Center” right in downtown. 2 is an especially important (busy) line; I’ll take the 14 when I’ve missed the 2 and just REALLY have to be at that hub “in time” to catch a connector; bus 20 when I’ve lost another phone charger and wish to go to Office Depot or is it Office Max it’s one or the other.


At a hotel at what I’ll call the northernmost edge of downtown, on the main drag State Street. I find the withering of flowers alluring. This despite a criticism I received several years ago, something like an adamant “Oh, I don’t like this, why have you captured a likeness of death?”

“Compassion” “Glory, on the Santa Barbara Metropolitan District bus, even!”


Bolloxed right wing. Waited patiently for the red cabbage and black lentils I ate. Was a gracious subject; thanks Birdie! Live long and prosper and MULTIPLY, my friend.


The back of a person’s head? The photographer never needs the subjects permission to render the likeness thereof. Handy, hmm? The camera’s flashing turned his cute yellow ball cap into the Sun, I do believe.