warning: Pandering and Puerile Post

Forgive me [er, whatever forgiveness is], O fellow Presser. I’m pandering the previous “season,” season 5 of American Horror Story. So, I’m an unbidden shill of sorts, but I don’t get the least compen$ated for it [solemn oath!]. Anyhoo, the actor who played the, uh, mama’s boy in season 4 ‘Freak Show,’ Finn Witrock, well, you too wanted to kick him in the teeth to teach him about being a brat, right? Well, that actor is redeemed in my book! See, belatedly, I’ve found out that he was brought back for season 5. You may have already known this if you’re a consistent fan. I am, it’s just that the way I’m presently situated precludes my being up-to-date on a lotta stuff, including tv that’s good (it still exists). All of this by way of saying that I had not understood that Finn Witrock could be a total, TOTAL GORGEASAURUS REX. Courtesy of “Hollywood,” yes, but still!! Seriously, if he wants to get to imitatin’ a serial killer clown once again [and all clowns are serial killers anyway], that’s just fine with me! cuz i’ll be the holdout vote on the jury.
And someday I may lay out for you the fact that all males as we age become dirty old men.
Take a look at Witrock all dressed up:

2 thoughts on “warning: Pandering and Puerile Post

  1. Sir, stunned mullet is the role he played in the previous season. So his look is fitting, don’t you agree? He’s like Al Pacino: he’ll always play himself in whatsoever role he takes on.


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