About 2:30 this afternoon I began to feel the “please, an afternoon nap” sensation which has periodically lulled me to fall asleep while I’m sitting upright. Last night, a recent spell of insomnia finally broke, and I don’t want to reestablish that syndrome by falling asleep ANYWHERE. I know many who get it or have it all the time and it is not pleasant to endue. We are told that long term it causes derangement and hallucinations. I don’t think that is truth. It’s not mine, is it yours? To dispense with my irritation about it all and to prevent its very happening, I’m presently listening to what a poster-to-YouTube elected to call “Bach & Vivaldi: Concertos for flute & strings | Anna Fusek & Capella Anna.” It’s wonderful; it has the attendant live-visuals of the actually flautists and, heh! stringers(?) As I am already listening while I type this, I ought to be watching the several lovelies playing instead of whining to you about buggery.

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