Black Russian

They actually do exist. So, a “Black Russian” is more than a tasty but alcoholic beverage.

See, once upon a time, before the big baby brat named Political Correctness to the Point of Disingenuousness f__king lost all of His Marbles, it actually was o.k. to say “…swarthy German…”

In your so-far lifetime, you’ve seen some swarthy, male German tourists. Each one looks like he has an enviable “tan” yet without even so much as one melanoma nor any blemish at’all!

recipe for a Swarthy German:

  • 100 mL. unadulterated molasses
  • 300 mL. organic coconut water
  • Put on your Asix running-shoes, and, if appropriate tomorrow, jog to work instead of driving nor taking public transportation nor a combination.
    –R.C.C. I

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