A Goal Or a Gaol: Which Is It You Dumb Prick?

Have you heard from Feminism lately? Say, 9 months ago plus or minus?
No? That’s o.k., just woman up and handle your business instead of cryin like a lil male dog you…LIL MALE DOG! I gave him his fucking whiney equal work for equal pay raise and now his life is perfect and level with your life which of course since you are a woman is, and always has been perfect and fair and equality because after all as every one and her Dadda knows, ALL WOMAN LIVE IN WOMEN’S RAPE CULTURE* BECAUSE ALL MEN CREATED RAPE CULTURE ITSELF FOR THE SAKE OF OPPRESSING ALL WOMAN ALL THE TIME FOR THE SAKE OF NEVER fairly paying a woman for her work.
What I wrote in the previous paragraph is indeed a rare thing: infallible, just like the Pope himself. And of course it’s not irony written to demonstrate that feminism is the asshole idea of some dumb fucking prick named Random Popular Male of the Moment.
-Robert Cox

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