So Let’s Make a Liver Eclair, Shall We?

I’m bloody exhausted. Not one wink of sleep last night. Seriously. At this point I have been awake for 29 hours.
I’m not asking for your sympathy. I’m just kinda saying that life is absurd sometimes, isn’t it? Yes, it’s absurd, but, say, for instance, for some reason, even though Christians all know that life is in fact absurd, they try for some reason beyond my comprehension to deny that FACT by blaming the very absurdity of life on some power-trippin’ deity. As if! As if this Jehovah which they themselves made-up should be this all-powerful being who is both beneficent and unreasonable AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME.
Um, something’s wrong with this picture!!

7 thoughts on “So Let’s Make a Liver Eclair, Shall We?

    1. I went to a gathering today. I was asked to read a page from a particular book aloud. To the gathering of approx. 80 of us. And I did. With, I think, nigh perfect elocution and sweet timing. I received an accolade…


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