Faux Pas Post

By doctor’s orders I take the so-called “mood stabilizer” gabapentin. I take the standard therapeutic dose, which happens to be 600 mg. 3 times daily.
Two of my kin very much consider it desirable that I should take this kind of psychotropic medicine. The next time I visit with R. for instance, she will surely notice that I am now a much more, um, agreeable person.
Are you ready for the punchline? The side effects of gabapentin EXACTLY mimic the malaise one feels when enduring a hardcore caffeine withdrawals crash. To a tee. Except even more intense!!
My question to you: Since I happen to be near a Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Inc. at this very moment, shall I go there and buy the hair of the dog which in this case of course is a quadruple shot? Hm? Shall I?

9 thoughts on “Faux Pas Post

      1. 🙂 Today the manager of that very place agreed that “just this time” she gave me a small coffee. Today, unless the USPS goofs it up, I receive my paycheck. So….tomorrow….I will buy crack, and give it to that manager to say “Thanks, Becca!” Naw, I’ll just have my usual, which is a 12-ouncer that I dump cuz I only want 8 ounces but that no longer exists…You remember when we Americans were not universally addicted to caffeine? Right? So, McDonald’s coffee mugs were 6 ounce size….

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    1. We broke up. Jill told me yesterday that she’s opposed to the receiving of vaccines by any child anywhere on the planet. Even the polio vaccine.

      Lord, seriously, she’s one of THOSE, an anti-vaccination lunatic. I hope her infant daughter if she has one gets every flu that happens every year in China or Spain. You know, the 1918 epidemic that killed 20 million Americans…


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