advice-column-type post. not a pedantic type, however.

You may speak of “self-esteem.” You may say “I have low self esteem.” One of your kin may say “I finally got a raise, my self-esteem is really good right now.”
I think that self-esteem really does exist, but only as an ideal, as a concept in the minds of man.
Do you have a counselor? If you do, your counselor wants you to have “healthy self-esteem,” right? The kicker is, it would be better if this counselor you’re paying $120 per hour to see would instead of talking about your so-called “self-esteem” just buy you a bunch of flowers whose aroma you happen to adore or maybe something useful like a 16 oz. coffee mug. To help you feel good about yourself.

4 thoughts on “advice-column-type post. not a pedantic type, however.

      1. Does. But used to be a advice columnist with…get ready…Victorian etiquette to dispense. Was SO FUNNY when she would smote a petitioner for said petitioner’s lack of discernment. I think Miss Manners is online, for free. real name: Judith Martin.


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