Currently Greetings

Hello there, my fellow Presser.

If you belabored yourself a bit too much on Labor Day, you may want to consider that a bit of a motivator towards __________, or, maybe, towards _________(?)

Anyhoo! here’s 2 pictures I shot very recently while out & about, visiting my sister K in Richmond, California, in between those 2 pictures there’s an image of one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers as a point of reference in relation to the pink flowers which are the species Amaryllis belladonna, also known as Naked Lady.

And at the bottom is a self-portrait (never mind selfies, bring back self-portraits!) I shot yesterday and then, ah, individualized courtesy of Adobe Systems, Inc.




5 thoughts on “Currently Greetings

    1. Yeah, some day, I think, when Mr. Scruffy has more cause to be concerned about his reputation amongst the general public in his hometown, he just might resume shaving like clockwork.


  1. O’Keeffe is one of my favorites. Are the “berries” the buds of the belladonna or the seeds after the blossoms fade? (I’m not much of a horticulturist.) And I like whatever filter(s) you used on your portrait.


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