Linguistics Thang No. 6

I demand that you yes you consider yourself a victim of Labor Day. In fact, I will be very disappointed in you if you fail to complain somewhere in cyberspace or maybe Instagram about the weather or the traffic or your relatives.


2 thoughts on “Linguistics Thang No. 6

  1. Well I can’t consider myself a victim as we’re not celebrating it here; But being a paid up card carrying member of the Australian Labor Party I might just declare the holiday for me, not that it’d make much difference; every day is pretty much a holiday for me, so I think I’ll just shut up, go back to bed and catch up on some sleep XD


  2. Retirement does work that way. But it’s a pity that “we” live our lives this way, what I mean is we acculture ourselves to willingly GO-GO-GO for a span of about, I dunno, maybe 40 years, and then we HALT-HALT-HALT for the next 15 to 55 years, is it worth it?


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