Misbegotten Liability

For too many years now I have been noticing a tendency on the part of my compatriots to cast blame upon others when having to endure the trivial discomforts of a cold or a flu or a sore throat. Perhaps the following generalities will seem familiar to you:

“You [I’m sure of it] gave me this cold!”

“You [I’m sure of it] gave me the flu, and now I [necessarily] have to call in sick!”

“You don’t wash your hands [with the frequency that I deem sufficient], and that’s [necessarily] why I’m sick!”

“You didn’t cover your cough [in the manner I deem compulsory], and now I’m going to get a sore throat [I’m sure of it, and it’s your fault]!”

I think any person can take 100% responsibility for his own body, and for what his own body inwardly establishes lest he endure…life. I really, really do.

“Her body, her choice!”



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