Are You Paying Too Much

The cost of hired labor is part of the price I pay daily for a disposable cup of coffee at Peet’s.

Now, about that, something dawned on me. It’s that each time I discard my empty cup into a bin that is not on the property of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Incorporated, I neatly avoid “incentivizing” Peet’s to include in the price of my future cups of coffee the cost of paying any employees to belabor themselves to remove the refuse I generate.

At a few street corners my city have placed at regular and I think convenient intervals garbage bins bolted to the sidewalks. And so I socialize *gasp* the cost of the coffee I consume. My city pay Marborg Industries, Incorporated to haul our collective trash…out of sight.


9 thoughts on “Are You Paying Too Much

  1. I recall a few years ago the Mayor of North Sydney had all the garbage bins rip up and removed from the streets of North Sydney, he was fed up with the way people dumped their trash in the bins even when there was no room so that the garbage spilled over onto the street and footpaths, from then on the streets of North Sydney became spotless with no trash/ garbage to be seen, the people took their garbage with them and disposed of it at home or their office or place of work.


  2. Wow, admirable citizens of North Sydney! But why are/were North Sydneyans relying on city bins? Their own didn’t have sufficient capacity? They just for some reason generate way to much trash to begin with? I oughta look up North Sydney, I’m guessing that the city is poverty stricken.


    1. To the contrary North Sydney is very affluent. I haven’t been there for some time and don’t know whether the bins have since been re-installed. I hope not; it was a pleasure to walk through clean streets.


      1. I’d like to believe that my fellow Santa Barbarians would likewise “man up” and carry their respective trash home to toss there, but I just don’t think it would happen. Next time I see someone drop a piece of litter maybe I’ll say “Have you learned NOTHING from the people of North Sydney?!”

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    2. Idoubt that there would be many people there would know what or where you were talking about saying the people of North Sydney, I believe there is a Sydney in Canada they’ll probably wonder why you are bringing Canada into the equation


  3. I had a look at Wiki. and there is a photo of a building occupied by the HSBC, this building was originally built for another bank, The Bank of NSW, (thevery first bank in Australia)which no longer exists as such and now trades under the name of Westpac Banking Corp,which doesn’t have a nice ring to it.

    But why I mention this, twenty years ago that lovely old building was marred by a large yellow double arch in the style of an M. Yes indeed it became a McDonalds outlet after the Bank of NSW gave the place up.

    Also for those of a religious bent North Sydney has it’s own saint, yes indeed a pope paid North Sydney a visit a few years back and turned a dead Australian nun into a saint; St Mary who used to be plain old Sister Mary Mckillop.

    North Sydney is home to many fine old schools,and buildings


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