Apparition I

Under law extant, upon the stroke of midnight that was the first second of your 18th birthday, you became accountable for your every action taken thereafter.

Conveniently, at that same moment, your puberty began. And, it became impossible to subject you to statutory rape.

Does one of the two preceding sentences ring false. And is the other one factual truth.


2 thoughts on “Apparition I

  1. I can’t believe (actually, I can) that nobody has replied words to the effect “But, screamweaver, my puberty began well before my 18th birthday!?” The point of this post is that the way we collectively define adulthood is rubbish. And in relation to that, I firmly believe that it is possible to finish educating our offspring right around the time that they begin puberty. I mean that, I really believe that what’s learned up to and after, say, 4 years at a university can all be taught to a child by the time the kid’s, well, puberty age. Age 12. I think high intelligence is available to all. After all, we all essentially have the same bloody brain structure, hello.


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