Barking Can Be the Same As Biting: a self-portrait and a you-portrait

If it could interest you, then know that I processed this picture of myself with the Photoshop functions called “exposure” and “gamma.” I was riding the number 2 inbound bus of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan District when I shot this, and when I shot the other photo.


The back of a person’s head is something that you need never gain permission to photograph. Of course, this photograph does not identify the subject -many a known person could style her hair thus. When taking this pic I had thought to myself that I should digitally process it towards something groovy, something trippy. But I’ve left it alone, it has a marvelous if subtle glow to it. Look at the upper left, see the last four letters of the Spanish word “cuidado.” It means Caution! And please do not become yet another plaintiff!



2 thoughts on “Barking Can Be the Same As Biting: a self-portrait and a you-portrait

  1. My mother always said that you can’t have hair and brains too. Obviously I’m an exception to that rule.

    By the bye you’re in need of a shave, the young may be able to get away with looking scruffy, but the mature can not !


    1. Heh! Suppose I’m a pre-pubescent youth trapped in the body of an oldster. But there’s no “reassignment” surgery for that, now is there. Perhaps if I will myself to be transgendered I can forget about the whole thing. Electrolysis on my face, you know.


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