Same Idea I’ve Posted Elsewhere [metastatement post]

[I just posted this in Racelook. Facecooked. Tastebook. Damn, whatever that site is called]

Be leery of the human being who is never contrite! If you establish that the “facts” you inserted in a post are no longer or never were true, you can alter or delete a post. I just found out that it’s REALLY looking like Ryan Lochte fabricated the story of being robbed in Rio, so I’ve deleted what I posted about him yesterday, because some of what I conjectured therein has been neatly refuted. “Live and learn.” I mean, a year from now, if somebody browses my Timeline, I don’t want to give him cause to say something like “Ok, this here Robert, he writes patent lies…”

Ya know?


One thought on “Same Idea I’ve Posted Elsewhere [metastatement post]

  1. I have no time for the modern spate of so called Olympians, they seem to be a selfish conceited pack. There’s just a few genuine Olympians amongst them, (think Mr Phelps), and they’re all getting close to retirement age from competition. Soon we’ll be left with the self seekers from the more affluent states and countries like the USA and Australia.


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