Dr. Lu on an Impossible Mission Impossible

Have you heard of the MD Anderson Cancer Center? At the web site “making cancer history dot com slash innovation,” it is indicated therein that that agent of the University of Texas are “making cancer history.” Indeed, it seems that one Dr. Karen Lu of the MD Anderson Cancer Center has in fact declared:

“Cancer, my job is stopping you from starting.”

If I happen to be the possessor of a dire form of cancer, I surely don’t know it. However, I definitely do have a kind of tumor that is regarded as benign; I have strawberry moles! In fact, I think that the most prominent of my strawberry moles is rather pretty –it’s on my neck close to my Adam’s Apple. It grew to a measurable size, and then it stopped growing.

I’m rather vain about it.

There is something that I do know, by the way: my strawberry mole is comprised of the cells of my own body, and it most certainly is not some sort of Entity that attacked me from without!

In fact, I consider myself solely responsible for the way that every last one of my cells, whether healthy, aberrant or malign, does replicate. They’re my bloody cells after all, hello!!


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