I believe that the only tax a person living in the United States should be compelled to pay ever is the sales tax. Sales tax to fund only that which is needed to be executed by our federal government; sales tax to fund only that which is needed to be executed by the individual states and municipalities.

After all, who doesn’t spend money to consume?

Do not tell me “But Robert!…bureaucracy…overspending by politicians on special interests…welfare state…corporate welfare…military-industrial complex…blah blah blah *whine for the umptimillionth time about the politicians that you elect.*”

You’ve formed some of your beliefs, you’ve conducted some of your affairs on the premise that the only existing political parties for which one may cast a ballot are the Democrats and the Republicans. At this very moment you are reaping what you’ve sewn then.

Are you a citizen resident of a “write-in” state? I am. In California I can write in my name, Robert Cox, for president if I wish. I won’t; I may in fact select the candidate of the American Libertarian Party. I might even choose the candidate of the Socialist Party.

Can you write-in a name in your state? If you’re convinced that you know how “the government” should spend our taxes, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t write in your name.


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