Are you a heterosexual male? Yes? Then your biological design, destiny is to impregnate a female when the urge strikes, yet when a female gives the unambiguous consent. If you are not confident that she understands the consequences of what she’s doing (a possible pregnancy insider her, but never inside you) then leave that situation ASAP. She’s not the one, Mister.

Are you a homosexual male? Yes? Then your biological design, destiny is what some call population control. Ejaculate with another willing male, or by yourself whenever you want to.

Are you a bisexual male? Yes? Damn Dude, you got the best of both worlds. Roll with it, Baby! I kinda envy you your unlimited options; but not too much. It’s more like I admire you for what you were made to be. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Just’his

    1. *grinning* Yeah, I know. I’m no longer capable of tailoring my writing to a particular class of persons. I just throw it all out there and hope persons to whom my stuff in relevant will bite. I can’t be bothered to learn how to do those things that apparently people can do toward increasing the likelihood that a given post will go viral. Since I write what I earnestly believe, I’m resolute. And when my “facts” turn out to be mere conjecture, I alter or delete posts wherever I’ve been posting. It’s simple, and sometimes it takes mere clicks.


  1. ……I just throw it all out there and hope persons to whom my stuff in relevant will bite. I can’t be bothered to learn how……..
    Kind of makes you sound like a lazy sort of bugger doesn’t it? XD


  2. I think lazy buggery has underpinnings. We just don’t live by our common biological design, and apparently haven’t done so for several millenia. I have an option though, right? I could for instance move to remotest Montana and live like a feral animal (instead of the domesticated animal that I am). Get all my food by hunting and gathering. Live by a reliably running river. Then, the uncountable distractions that are the source of my seeming laziness would become instead the exact same set of, um, adversities daily. Many fewer than I experience as I am today.

    As it stands, I’ve yet to encounter any sort of advisement on the internet toward making my posts more, uh, findable to the population at large that are actually HELPFUL, that AREN’T counterintuitive. What people disdainfully call semantics? Is a BIG DEAL to me. Don’t think that this very response which you’ve been reading was generated by me as a stream of consciousness! I copy-edit to great lengths. We (yes, that was a royal we) do not like to be misunderstood! Heh.

    Anyhow, aren’t there sites that will help me with that, for a price? Don’t bother replying to that, I can’t be bothered to get a credit card! 🙂

    [Say, how do you make that affable emoticon that you use sometimes? I’d like to use it myself…]


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