It seems to me that as recently as the 19th century the substantial supermajority of entertainment was provided entirely free of the expectation of compen$ation. Think of ad hoc gatherings of musicians; think of the salons of Anna Karenina; think of friends and relations commingling to hear the playing of an acquaintance who was a pianist.


2 thoughts on “Devolution

  1. Poor old Mozart would have liked a bit of money; he’d probably would have been happy with .00001% of what his music has made since his death; So would Ludwig too, I’d imagine although he was a bit smarter thaan Wolfgang


  2. A bit of money is what’s needed, as long as humankind collectively continue to follow our delusion that Money A Medium Of Exchange is the fitting means by which to acquire. I reckon that face-to-face you and I could barter a bit.


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