The Treasury Will Print More

“Waste not want not.” Maybe with food and to a lesser extent with beverages. But when it comes to other things a person can buy? I dunno. Tonight I’m going to throw away the remaining ointment in a tube which remainder is worth about 2 bucks because I bought a new one for about 15 bucks. I don’t like clutter! What can 2 dollars buy you anyhow except a cup of coffee; or a crap cheeseburger at McWendy’s King-Bell, Jr.


5 thoughts on “The Treasury Will Print More

  1. The whole idea of what should or should be
    Now this is strictly for me
    Is based upon how i am feeling at the time
    I could throw away 2 dollars
    I have blown 100 dollars
    But you see it’s all relative on what i am doing at that particular time
    I am my own worst enemy
    Or my own best friend
    I can play in the cesspool
    Or I can swim in the swimming pool
    Life is already to complicate
    And my body is running at half power
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon


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