Avoid Self-Inflicted Delusions

You realize that a corporation is an idea written into Law. Do you have a tendency to claim that corporations do harm, and that “they” fail to pay enough taxes? Is what you are truly expressing outrage  about the actions of _____, Inc’s officers and shareholders?

You have anthropomorphised corporations as if they were anything but a concept writ large. Notwithstanding you somehow feel indignant about the decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. By that seemingly notorious majority decision the Supreme Court decided that people do in fact have the right to free speech through money spent on such.

Your qualm is with the actions of individuals, not with “corporations.”


8 thoughts on “Avoid Self-Inflicted Delusions

    1. But corporations ARE people. A chief executive, a treasurer (sometimes the same person), a chief operations officer, shareholders. How many voting officers and voting shareholders does Exxon have? Exxon is a group of people, that’s all.


      1. Corporations are legal entities, not human beings. They aren’t born of human mothers, they don’t die of human disease. And they cannot, unfortuantely, be sent to prison for criminal activites.


      2. A corporation is represented by one or more persons, always. Corporations exist by laws, by the way. If you think corporations should not be allowed to exist –do you?– then you can vote for candidates who agree on that. Also you can communicate with your representatives in the legislatures.


      3. I’ve already said corporations are legal entities. And I said nothing about them not being allowed to exist. I simply stated they are not human beings.


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