Property Write

I’m wondering if patents on pharmaceuticals should never expire. If a person is the genesis behind the creation of a synthesized molecule, shouldn’t it always be regarded as his baby and his baby only? Why not? Under law, Disney still own the rights to Mickey Mouse, no?

When it comes to selling things for money, wouldn’t existing or prospective manufacturers of drugs knowing that they could never sell, say, generic Crestor then be inspired either to give up and sell something else for profit, or be inspired to create a cholesterol-lowering drug of their own?

Please do not confuse the gaining of profits gone overboard for your tendency to think that that which exists (Crestor, Advil, Latuda, etc.) is somehow rightfully yours to own or consume. If your next door neighbor earns his keep by selling the art that he fabricates, are you therefore entitled to drink the milk in his refrigerator? Well?


7 thoughts on “Property Write

  1. Being a socialist XD I don’t agree with you entirely, an individual I agree should keep his patent but the parasites (see told you I was a socialist) who run the big pharmaceutical companies should not be the ones to reap the gigantic profits that they do in the USA for the benefit of their shareholders who’ve probably done nothing but invest money in the hope of gaining huge profits.
    Here in Australia pretty well every prescription product is subsidised and the cost of medicines are affordable by every Australian no matter how poor.
    As an 80+ year old senior citizen/ pensioner, every prescription I get cost me $5.80. but being relatively healthy, if you forget the gastrectomy and the prostate cancer + the stroke, Would you believe I only need one presription drug!


    1. I have but few memories of 2 -4. and plenty after 5, I recall quite clearly when I was struck down with polio and when I got my first walloping from my schoolteacher at aged 3, they were allowed to smack us back in the 30’s


  2. Without looking up the history of patents and copyrights, I can only say thank goodness the patents on pharmaceuticals expire (they protect corporate profits, not deserving individuals). Otherwise we’d never have the much cheaper generic drugs, without which people like me would probably be dead.


    1. That’s why I’m glad I live where I do, our prescription drugs are relatively inexpensive even for those non senior citizens/invalids/pensioners et al; the Australian government enforces some sort of price control over the big pharma.cos to stop them exploiting the sick the poor and the elderly and also those not covered in that little lot.


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