“Comparison Shocking” A Scream Weaver Meme

That’s my leg. The whole thing has something to do with melanin.



2 thoughts on ““Comparison Shocking” A Scream Weaver Meme

  1. Just out of curiosity, why is this titled ‘a black woman and a white guy’ and not a black woman and a white man’ or ‘a black gal and a white guy’? If I was a rascist nutter I’d think that there was a rascist plot behind this picture; which I’m still struggling to understand.

    However I’ll give it a like tick as I rather like President and Mrs Obama, XD


    1. In the States at least people have a tendency to say “white guy” over “white man.” The plot of this picture is to show that all the skin of a notable black woman is informed by the coloring of a pigment (melanin) that informs the coloring of one spot (the birthmark) on the calf of a white guy (me). The point is: we’re all black.


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