Nude Artist With Artist


Wikipedia call this photo which was shot in 1963 “her first brush with notoriety.” Eve Babitz was a photographer; made collage; designed album covers; wrote articles, short stories and books –books that blend “memoir and fiction.” I’ve got “Eve’s Hollywood,” just cracked it. Yesterday I randomly opened to page and liked what I read. I like an easy read that isn’t dumbed-down.

Marcel Duchamp was a “French, naturalized American painter, sculptor, chess player and writer.” I’ve seen his name dropped so many times in print that together with the introduction in the referenced book which mentions this photo I just had to 1) post this picture for you, the intro says she was [paraphrase] a hot chick with prominent gals 2) find out finally who he was. I was born in ’70, he died in ’68.

She’s still with us.



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