3 Photographs, All in Santa Barbara


The inflorescence on this short tree were very long. Fruitful and multiplying! In a parking lot on the northwest corner of State and Sola Streets.


Such a strange place to dump a toaster oven! I wonder what’s wrong with it that its owner should abandon it? It doesn’t look very used. Near the corner of Milpas and Yanonali Streets.


Ants lured to a sugary doom (?) in a packet of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets sauce. Nearly the same spot as the toaster oven.


3 thoughts on “3 Photographs, All in Santa Barbara

  1. The tree behind the oven thingy resembles somewhat an Australian Grey Gum; I know that several hundred thousands or perhaps millions were taken to California back in the 1920’s I think it was, to help combat the desert conditions inter alia, do you have another full photo of said tree for me to see? I enjoy the smell of the eucalyptus emanating from the gum trees


    1. Oh, we brought your eucalyptus over here, all right! But this is a ficus that bears globe-shaped figs about the size of a penny gumball; many were planted decades past along Milpas Street. I don’t have a full photograph, and The Google have informed me of the name so many species of ficus that I don’t have time to find an image. Here’s a shot that includes the specimen’s fruit. https://screamweaver.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/564/

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