Two Or More Culprits

Over a short span of time perhaps three months, I’ve thought of two causes of OCD:

  1. Mathematics. 1 + 1 = 2. One plus one bloody always equals two! Who would disagree? Acquiescing to such human-created “logic” sets one up to seek correct answers –the perfection sought by he who is afflicted with OCD.

  2. City streets, their being arranged at right angles. Is it natural for a primate to carry forth, stop, and then abruptly turn right or left at 90 degrees either direction? We’re meant to meander like the rest of the primates. Like the rest of the animals! Instead we’re always fussing with order. Law and f*@#ing order! Sound familiar?


2 thoughts on “Two Or More Culprits

  1. I’m starting to wonder how long my poor tired old eyes can take the great bold colourful type, ( I nearly said crap, fine bit of alliteration with colourful – colourful crap – I’m sure you’ll agree it looks and sounds better than type. 😈


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