With Gratitude and Thanks to My Newest Fans: mah pix, mah photoshopperies from 7/24 onward

A whole lot of them and me short on time for a pressing appoint, so, sorry, only a short description (and please use your imaginings on the others): that’s me with the (artificially flavoured) green eye and a woman nigh grinning; me “wearing” a tiara; me with a “blue” eye and a bindi. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “With Gratitude and Thanks to My Newest Fans: mah pix, mah photoshopperies from 7/24 onward

  1. On the buses of Santa Barbara; there’s one on “East Beach” in same city; many in downtown. Me with my “bindi” is I was sitting center seat back of the bus. Foot and cute sock on bottom are on the bus. Girl stressing on her cell phone and the other image I made from that pick…she was at a pretentious cafe in downtown called “French Press” HOW’D YA LIKE A $3.50 CUP OF COFFEE THEN?! Leaf on pavers which are the sidewalk in front of Museum of Santa Barbara (or whatever it’s called). Drinks on table at a restaurant at an outdoor mall that’s fashionable to visit “La Arcada” built in ’21 i think. The photos of passersby are all in downtown, we have SO MANY visitors. They used to come only Spring to early Fall when Spring was Spring and Fall was Fall and January WAS NOT Spring. If El Ninyo (sorry, can’t be bothered to look for the unicode keystrokes to put the squiggle on the n, so resorted to “ny”) once again fails to materialize our guests, the English, the Welsh (not that I wouldn’t say to myself “Londonder” when I heard a Welshman speaking), all the Europeans, Aussie, Kiwis, Moslems, Hindus, Chinese seemingly LOVE to visit Santa Barbara, Koreans, Slavs, Argentinians (I think it is they who speak the staccato Spanish, making it sound like Italian).

    The shirtless guys for whom I most definitely was not lusting are all Americans. The blonde smiling woman with companion just has to be Scandinvavian. Been here 11 years, I can sort them out.

    The VERY photoshopped succulent also on East Beach. I’m most pleased with that one, must print and frame eventually.


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