Paedophilia & I

Cute Spaniard boy

on the bus-

His hair?:

he fuss!

Prison for me I think it:





6 thoughts on “Paedophilia & I

    1. I hate to show snark to an elder (actually I’m a brash little shit sometimes it’s shameful) but, um, I think you’d be an Incorrect Pommy Pedant. What’s “Pommy,” please?


  1. A Pommy is an Englisman or woman migrant to Australia. I arrived in Australia as a teenager in 1951 and am still regarded as a Pom, even by my own children all Australian born.
    Once a Pom always a Pom old Australian adage.
    The country as you know was settled by convicts from England who were known as Prisoners Of Mother England. some believe it stems from that old saying/ POM E = POMMY.
    Australians are a weird mob


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